O11y toolkit
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O11y toolkit

The O11y toolkit is a set of utilities that help you debug, augment, and manage your open source observability stack.

The toolkit is licensed under the Apache 2 license. You can use it for free.

Available tools

  • oy-csv-to-targets takes a list of Prometheus targets as a CSV file as input and produces a JSON file.
  • oy-expose reads a metrics file and exposes its content to be scraped by a Prometheus server.
  • oy-periodic-queries is a tool that allows you to evaluate Prometheus recording rules and export the results as metrics, with defined boundaries such as monthly or weekly (Only monthly is implemented at the moment).
  • oy-scrape-jitter queries a Prometheus server to see how regular scrapes are. Perfect scrape alignment happens when the distance between all the scrapes are exactly the same. It enables Prometheus delta-of-delta encoding to reduce significantly the size of the blocks.

This toolkit is sponsored by O11y. O11y provides professional support and services for your Open Source observability stack.