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Password file generator for Prometheus

This form enables you to generate a Prometheus web.yml file to secure your Prometheus endpoints with basic authentication.

Prometheus needs passwords hashed with bcrypt. This tool hashes the passwords directly in your browser, in such a way that we do not receive the passwords you are generating.

Once the file is generated, you can optionally append your TLS server configuration to the file, then start Prometheus with --web.config.file pointing to your newly created file.

This file is also compatible with Alertmanager, Pushgateway, Node Exporter and other official exporters.

How to

Enter the usernames and the passwords, then press the Generate button to compute the file.

You can add and remove users with the Remove and Add user buttons.

Security and privacy

The input is parsed in your browser and is not sent to our servers. This tool is cross compiled to WASM, so that it runs natively in your browser.

Users list

The application is loading. If this warning does not disappear, please make sure that your browser supports WASM and that javascript is enabled.
Username Password

Increasing cost will increase Prometheus server CPU usage and time to authenticate users.